In conversation with Managing Associate Michael Isenring

Michael Isenring is the Managing Associate for Zurich West at Bouygues E&S Schweiz AG and together with his team is responsible for the smooth operation of the Prime Tower site. In our interview, the 34-year-old tells us about his tasks and the challenges he encounters and explains what would need to be done if the lights suddenly went out at Prime Tower.

Michael Isenring, how did you end up at Prime Tower?
After completing my bachelor’s degree, I applied to Bouygues E&S Schweiz AG and was offered the exciting position of Deputy Team Leader FM at Prime Tower. After a few months, my supervisor at the time decided to take on a new challenge, which in turn opened up doors for me to take on the role of Team Leader and later Managing Associate.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
The best thing about my role as Managing Associate is that no two days are ever the same. I embark on a new adventure every morning and get to interact with many different people as part of my job. We always strive to provide a customised solution and unique experience for all individuals involved. In doing so, there are always a lot of new and exciting things to learn and implement.

And what about the less enjoyable aspects? Is there anything that annoys you?
Of course, there are individual days when something goes wrong. It annoys me when the usual quality of service cannot be provided.

What are your responsibilities at the Prime Tower site?
As Managing Associate, I am responsible, together with my team, for keeping the building operational and planning all the proactive work (e.g. maintenance). In the case of the building’s technical systems, we try to identify faults in good time and take preventive measures so that they do not occur in the first place. In addition, we are responsible for the interior and exterior cleaning of the site, reception and, together with the back office, for security at Prime Tower and the annex buildings.

What special challenges does the site bring?
The Prime Tower site is located in the heart of vibrant Zurich West and attracts many people, especially at weekends. It is therefore important to keep the area in a clean condition at all times. The different requirements of our very diverse tenants are also challenging. These have to be satisfied in equal measure.

What is the most extraordinary thing you have experienced so far at Prime Tower or in the area?
The most extraordinary thing was certainly the encounter between FC Zurich and Grasshopper Zurich supporters on the grounds. I witnessed this confrontation on site; that leaves no one cold. But there are also many beautiful moments. One, for example, was the recent exercise with the high altitude rescuers from the fire brigade.

Light and power are essential at Prime Tower. What would happen if the lights went out throughout Prime Tower? Has that ever happened before?
Shorter power outages, each lasting only a fraction of a second, occur from time to time in the Zurich city grid. Many people don’t even notice them. Fortunately, we have only had one longer unplanned power outage at Prime Tower. But that was before my time here. In the event of a prolonged power outage, the buildings would have to be evacuated after a certain time for safety reasons. This is also practiced here from time to time.