Kieser has Zurich’s back

“Mens sana in corpore sano” they used to say in Ancient Rome. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Active people are more alert, agile, efficient, but also more relaxed, happy and balanced.

Kieser has always focused on the supporting elements of the body: the back and its muscles. Thus, the beginning of each training program involves a back analysis and a medical consultation, in order to exploit the full potential of the computer-aided back machines. At the heart of all this is the specially developed and medically certified Lumbar extension machine. It focuses on the back extensor muscles, which provide support to the spine.

The advantages of the Lumbar extension machine:

  • By fixing the pelvis, it targets the deep back extensors, so that they can be trained effectively.
  • Direct feedback from the computer helps to execute movements in the correct manner.
  • Thanks to the eccentric training technique, the muscles are specifically stressed beyond the individual possible range of motion.
  • This training increases the mobility of the spine.
  • 80% of back and neck discomfort can be relieved.

All exercises are targeted and help to strengthen a very specific muscle. There are no distractions:
during the clearly structured training sessions, the focus remains entirely on
individual strength and muscle building, with a special focus on the back. Trained staff assist you during the training sessions and record your progress.

Kieser Studio is located on the 5th floor of the Cubus, right next to Prime Tower, and offers an all-round view of the neighbourhood while you train. What could be more natural than wanting to take care of your body?

Special offer: Kieser Training invites you to try it out. Simply present this newsletter with the offer at Studio Zürich-Prime-Tower and try out Kieser during the month of September, free of charge and with no obligations. *

For further questions, please contact the studio or call 044 446 80 90.

*Offer valid for new customers from 01.09.2023 to 30.09.2023 only at Kieser Studio Zürich-Prime-Tower.