The Prime Tower has received several awards as a sustainable building: it meets the Minergie standard and has been awarded LEED Gold status.

In addition to the legally required certifications, several voluntary building certifications are recognized in Switzerland. These certifications are awarded by a third-party independent institution and ensure the building standard.

LEED Gold certification

The Prime Tower is certified with LEED Gold Core & Shell status. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a classification system for green building developed by the U.S. Green Building Council in 1998. This globally used sustainability certification sets standards for environmentally friendly, resource-efficient, and sustainable construction. The LEED certification places a strong emphasis on energy efficiency while also considering other aspects of sustainability such as location, transportation, water, indoor air quality, materials and resources, regional priorities, and innovation.

Minergie certification

Since 1998, Minergie has been a building standard launched in Switzerland for new and modernized buildings. Minergie buildings are characterized by a high-quality building envelope and a systematic renewal of indoor air. The certification confirms exceptional thermal insulation and comprehensive quality assurance. Additionally, Minergie buildings have very low energy requirements and a high proportion of locally renewable energy. The certification primarily focuses on ecological criteria and ensures their quality during the planning, construction and operating phases.

Energy efficiency

In line with Swiss Prime Site's sustainability strategy, the Prime Tower Site is designed for energy efficiency. A large part of the general electricity demand is covered by solar energy.

Mobility and synergies

The Prime Tower Site is located centrally in Zurich's vibrant District 5 and is a popular place for meeting and interaction. Short distances and the best connections are guaranteed.